Enhance the value of your property with steel carports... we can build them for you.

Desert Awnings has been producing high quality steel carports in Tucson for over 35 years. Most of them still protecting vehicles to this day. We offer the most innovative, cost efficient steel carport  in Tucson. Our carports complement any architectural style and are configured to meet and exceed all necessary building codes.

Our metal carports are one of the most cost effective ways to increase your property's investment and with our help we can direct you to just the right size and style using the Highest and Best Use approach. Our durable metal carports will protect your valuable vehicles for years to come.

The value added provided to the property as a CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT and its depreciable treatment on taxes is undeniable. First call us Desert Awnings for a free estimate and presentation at 882-8784 and then call your Tax Advisor for additional consultation on the benefits. We look forward to working with you.


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Desert Awnings & Carport Structures, Awnings & Canopies, Tucson, AZ
From complete re-builds to Fascia repairs we do them all


A constant source of frustration for most property owners and managers, carport damage on your property can make a negative impact on prospective tenants. 

Desert Awnings not only services the carports that we have built but also most of Tucson's existing carport structures. We repair truck, wind, tree and resident damages.We pride ourselves in responding to our customers including emergency call within 24 hours and performing excellent repairs. Call us at 882-8784 for a free estimate on any repairs. 

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