Many of today's unique home design require both creativity and craftsmanship to meet the high demand of those design innovations. Today, the beauty, value, durability and environmental benefits of residential metal aluminum awnings are within reach. Inspired by your imagination along with our unique design and creations. Desert Awnings ​offers the timeless favorites to homeowners, and their loved ones.

Beautifully crafted window awnings are also available, made to order of heavy duty aluminum 3" slats that come in all colors and sizes, providing excellent shade and complimenting any home.

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Aluminum Patio Awnings

Desert Awnings & Carport Structures, Awnings & Canopies, Tucson, AZ
  • On solid attached covers, gutter system included

  • Installed on concrete or concrete footings

  • Maintenace Free

  • Lattice Style Awnings - color selection available

  • Solid Lattice Style Awnings

  • Aluminum Window Awnings


Desert Awnings Locally owned and operated, captures your vision with beautifully designed residential architectural metals.

Beautifully installed metal awnings and patio covers are  great to enhance the look of your home by adding appeal and dimension. In addition, they provide excellent energy saving benefits and protect your loved ones in addition to your vehicles, patio furniture, barbecue areas and pool areas from the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun.

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