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Desert Awnings & Carport Structures, Awnings & Canopies, Tucson, AZ
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Desert Awnings can handle all of your commercial needs, including fabrication of metal window covers, free standing covers for employee smoking areas or any other special project for your assets where protection  from the exhausting effects of the sun is necessary.

We take great pride in the opportunity to maintain and build relationships with our satisfied customers.

Our primary goal is to deliver value added solutions to your organization while ensuring we meet and exceed your expectations.

Carport Repairs

A constant source of frustration for most property owners and managers, some carport damage can make a negative impact on prospective tenants. 

Steel Carports

Our product line include a range of types and styles of carports that meet the needs of our individual and corporate customers.

WE take pride

Protect your organization's assets FROM THE harmful effects of the sun. this awning on the left, protects chemicals used for operating the sahuarita landfill.


With over 35 years of experience, our reputation for superior commercial metal awnings products, high-quality materials, exceptional customer service and attention to detail has expanded throughout all of Southern Arizona. 

At Desert Awnings, we are committed to supplying the most original and functional commercial designs. Since 1981 we have completed aluminum and steel awning projects for government agencies such as Homeland Security, U.S, Customs, Border Patrol, USDA, DEA and ATF, as well as for Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. In addition we have completed many projects for most of Tucson's commercial property owners and managers for residential and office properties.

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Desert Awnings & Carport Structures of Tucson - Commercial Applications